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Surface USB 3.0 Issues


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Hey there,
every time i plug my 3TB HDD (USB3.0) into my Surface Pro 3 (i3) USB port it play's the "plugin" sound over and over again. The HDD doesn't show in the browser.

plot twist: If i use a USB 2.0 cable the HDD shows up instant in the browser. I don't have any other USB 3.0 devices to test this, so is the Surface 3 Pro i3 edition just equipped with a USB 2 port??


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If this HDD is USB powered its probably drawing more power than the SP3 provides. Try using a USB Y cable with one end plugged into the power adapter or use a powered USB Hub.

Or Maybe that cable is bad.


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I have the i3 SP3, and its working fine with my USB3.0 500GB HDD. Try using a USB hub, and lets see how it will end up.


That's not a power problem. You probably have a defective USB port and/or a defective USB cable. The USB 3 connector has additional pins in the back and maybe the contact is not perfect.
You can try swapping the cable.