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usb 3.0 issue


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Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to ask about an issue with the usb3.0 port on my Surface Pro 3. I have a USB3.0 to sata cable and I'm using it with my surface, the port works only at USB2 speed, even when I diagnosed it with a tool called usbtreeview, it says that it is in USB2 mode. Is anybody having the same issue?


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As a long-time owner of a SP3, all I can think of, besides a fresh Windows 10 install, is that your device has too much power draw for USB3.0, and steps down to 2.0.


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What's the brand/model of the USB to SATA device you have? TBH it sounds like this is where the problem is. I have a Cable Maters SATA enclosure for USB and it works fine on my Pro3. Maybe try reinstalling the USB drivers but my gut tells me it's the wrong tree. Do you have any other devices this cable works correctly with?

Do any other devices get full USB 3.0 speeds on your Pro3 another possibility is it got zapped with static and only works as USB 2.0.