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Surface vs.Galaxy note 10.1


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I have read 20 pages of info so far in this forum but none adress the issue i want to know about. The split screen action on the surface allows you to have 2 windows open at the same time but is there anyway to resize them as with the Note 10.1? The Note 10.1 actually gives you better screen usage by giving you 50/50 split. I've only seen videos of the surface giving you 20/80. I've looked high & low for that answer so hoping to get some help here.

Also can you just go to the desktop part of the surface & open up a media player there such as windows media player in 1 window & browse in another window...resizing them there as you see fit? I'm really torn between these 2 tablets & i love the speakers on the front of the tablet on the 10.1..thanks in advance for any info.
Welcome Arun. You can only size 20/80 as you have noted. That only applies to the Modern (Metro) interface though. On the desktop you can resize the Windows however you want and even the 50/50 snap feature is present. So In theory you can have 4 windows open on the desktop each taking up 25% of the screen. Then you can add another window to the left or right side under the Modern UI at 20% so you have a side bar (say with IM) and the 80% is four equal sized windows (say Word, Excel, Power Pint and One Note). This makes the Surface window usage highly flexible if you primarily need desktop apps open in multiple Windows.

I made an example for you.

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Thanks for the quick response. I played with a surface at bestbuy but i was baffled when i went to espn & it couldnt play the video on the main page but the Asus TF600t sitting right beside it played it with no problem...weird.