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Surface, Windows 10 and One Note (app)issues help please work lost!


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Hi I'm a new user to surface and windows 10. A lot of general (office and home based) Windows experience but literally only starting using Windows 10 and One note yesterday. In terms of mobile I have always used Android or ios.
So onto my problem. In short I have spent the day taking notes in the one note app (handwritten ink notes) only to find that it has all disappeared. I had no internet access where I was working from and assumed it would all save locally (and indeed there are no save options or options at all on fact).
Now I reopen the app all my notes are gone!! Without internet access they cannot have saved to onedrive. Can they not have stored anywhere? At least with Evermore or such everything is stored locally and synced as soon as WiFi or mobile data is available. Not with One Note???
I have to say in general on the Surface I am finding most things very unintuitive and far less polished than I expected. Very disappointed given I bought into Windows for an increase in mobile productivity.
Any help appreciated.


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You may still be able to recover those files, @ItsDoel

Make sure you can view Hidden Files and browse here:

If you were testing Office 2016, such files would be here: