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Surface Pen Not Working, Issues With One Note


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I was using one note and then all the sudden my pen stopped working(it wont open one note using the eraser button). I searched online but couldn't find much. Attached is a picture of the surface touch servicing having a warning sign and saying that it can't start with Code 10??? How do I fix this I just bought my surface and it's not working :(

Also very frequently when I'm writing in one note a large streak happens or something when my palm hits the edge of the screen. The streak will go from the point where i'm writing to the edge of the screen and then one note will freeze for about 30 seconds.... Also while I'm writing the bottom panel will constantly pop up or my palm will hit the notification or the scroll and mess up where I'm writing even when i'm in tablet mode. Is there no palm rejection????? So annoying please help!


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Regarding Palm rejection, it has it, but Windows 10 simply still isn't ready for prime time. What you describe is a common issue. Very frustrating g though.


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I have the same issues. The button worked fine for OneNote and Cortana when the SP4 was new but it stopped working at some point.


solved the problem the driver from bluetooth was disabled ... go to device manager and reenable the bluetooth and it will work fine (my pen was working but the button for one note stoped working no screen shoot or searching)