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Surface won't detect printer or blue tooth


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For a while my Surface (original 1st generation) would allow me to print to my wireless printer (canon MX892). Now it tells me its offline. Its not, all my other computers print just fine. Am I missing an setting? Also it won't detect my blue tooth even though it says its trying. Thanks Peter. PS. does MS have a trade in program, it seems like Surface 2 has got a lot less problems.


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No trade in program as far as I'm aware.

Is there something you need to sync with your bluetooth accessories?


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If there is a MS Store near you they actually do have a trade in program, it isn't great though, A Surface RT will get you $80-100. You can also try Amazon, Gazelle and Target. Gazelle currently for a good condition 32GB RT with Touch Cover and Power Supply is offering $130 which is a good price.