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Surface won't turn. Return or Refurbish

It's interesting to me that MS told you they no longer do advanced replacement on the 26th. I set up my advanced replacement on the 22nd and the rep told me I'd probably have it in a couple of days. It's been a week and the order still says processing. When I've called them, they claim supplies are low and they don't know when I'll receive a replacement. I guess the bright side is they didn't promise you an advance replacement and then fail to deliver like they did me.
I feel for you. If it was me, I would just trust in the process and do the RMA. Have another computer you could use in the interim?

I just can't see them swapping out a known DOA for a refurb. As we all know doing a refurb job on one of these would not be cost effective based upon the iFixit tear down. I will bet once manufacturing gets ramped up and known hardware issues are dealt with in the factory build process these devices will flow like water over the waterfall...into our waiting arms and on to our desks. I have read of too many users having GOOD experiences with MS on these units to believe you would not be one of them in the long run. They have too many things to loose to botch it up.