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Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?


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Well after using for 3 weeks, I give up. For all the reasons others have posted ... trying to use as "laptop", type cover, power cord, bad balance, have to be in perfect position, 1 usb, etc. etc. it just doesn't feel right. Thinking something with tablet screen that removes from laptop like Dell or ASUS ... will work better seeing I rarely use without keyboard and in those rare cases ... would just stow in my bag like I have to do with my Surface Pro anyway.

So ...with that said ... has anyone successfully returned their Pro to MS Store successfully? It says 30 days unopened ... but there is always a way around that. The only reason I bought from MS and not Best Buy ... didn't think I'd ever return it ... but it's just too quirky and not as good for making money ... which is it's primary purpose.

I would suggest after returning your Surface Pro you look into the ThinkPad Tablet2. Its the nice blend you are looking for and has a dock available. The dock has 3 USB 2.0 Ports, a Mini USB C and HDMI out. It also has a laptop like Bluetooth Keyboard with a touch pointer setup. The down side is that keyboard is very clunky feeling when you try to carry the device and it together. They have a nice $39 folio for both devices it but its meh at best. If your after the ultimate experience then try the ASUS Transformer Book. That has Zero USB ports on the tablet portion though, IIRC. But it does look pretty Sweet. I love my Surface Pro Dell S2340T monitor for the Dock purposes. 23 inches of touch goodness.