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Sustained High CPU Usage is Back


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Anyone else still having this issue? It seems that removing the keyboard these days no longer does this but attaching the keyboard ALWAYS causes the Windows Driver Foundation and other processes to go bonkers... which is really annoying since this is supposed to be a convertible device, one that I would rather not have to reboot every time I remove and attach the keyboard.
Use Windows 10 latest Insider build. No problem there. I do have on rare occasion the CPU usage increase, but it is because of Intel drivers. Using the latest Intel drivers seams so far to solve the problem.


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I was having this problem after the win10 upgrade and seem to have resolved it by disabling windows defender. It seems defender wasn't properly turning off with other protection loaded and they were fighting.


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I've installed the big updates from today and the detaching/attaching keyboard cpu usage of the Windows Driver Foundation is still there. Disabling Sdo Sensor V2, however, does the trick and doesn't seem to affect anything at all.
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