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Switching from Original Surface Pro to a Surface Pro 4


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Hello everyone. I work as a volunteer with a local high school, and as part of my duties there I use an original Microsoft Surface Pro (it's mine, not the school's). And for what I do for them, I use some very specialized software; software that required on-line authorization before it would work (it's an older software package, but does exactly what I need it to).

Well, my original Surface Pro is starting to show its age, and for other reasons as well, I'd like to upgrade to the new Surface Pro 4. Here's my problem...the software package that I use, the one that required an on-line authentication...it's manufacturers have gone belly up, and, more importantly, so have their on-line authentication servers. So, I just can't un-authorize my current Surface Pro, install on the new one, and then re-authorize on that one.

Is there any way, with certainty, that I can just move, or back up, or make a disk image, of my current Surface Pro, with the authorized software, and then restore it to the new Surface Pro 4 and have the software work? Is that possible? Or does it depend on the specifics of how the software did it's authorization (and is there a way I could figure that out?)

I appreciate the help