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Sync iCloud contacts calendars reminders with Outlook


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When updating Windows 10, iCloud contacts may no longer be recognized within Outlook 2016 or Outlook 365. This is because the Outlook/iCloud interface is done by a data file, which may not actually 'sync', but instead, import on demand, depending upon your installation.

If "iCloud Services" is set up to run when Windows Starts, the contacts should sync automatically. To check if "iCloud Services" is configured properly, it should be listed in Settings, Apps, Startup.

So after updating Windows, or when you wish to update your iCloud contacts, do this:
(NOTE: This method assumes you have iCloud for Windows installed.)

1) Open Outlook.
2) Access your account list (File, Account Settings). A list of your accounts will appear.
3) Click the "Data Files" tab.
4) Click to select the line marked "iCloud". This line should reference a file which ends in ".aplzod"
5) Choose "Remove", and confirm that you wish to remove the data file with a "Yes".
6) Close Outlook.
7) Start iCloud for Windows Desktop (search, iCloud). You will notice that the option for Outlook has been cleared.
8) Tick the Outlook selection box, then Apply. Outlook will import contacts and associated photos. You may close iCloud when finished. Done.

This tutorial may be especially helpful to Windows Insiders, whom likely update often.
Repeat this method whenever you wish to update Outlook with your most recent contacts.