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Taking notes with the stylus - accuracy



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I played with the updated one note lat night. very nice to have custom pens and it seems a bit more accurate.
however I can't seem to get a highlighter...


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Does anyone have any recommendations for good other alternatives that also feature the erasure? Also, what writing enabled software is everyone using? My favorite so far is PDF Annotator. Powerpoint 2013 also allows you to write on slides but I prefer the flexibility of PDF Annotator. Any other recommendations?

I've moved from an iPad that had many great note taking apps. I like Onenote a lot, but haven't figured out some basics that I had on the iPad. Does anyone know how to, in OneNote...
- insert photos directly from the camera (e.g. Taking a quick pic of the whiteboard after a meeting)
- insert a PDF into OneNote for annotation

I've been using the desktop version of OneNote since it seems much more robust. Unfortunately, it's also difficult to figure out all the options.



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Vook Posted this in another thread:

I haven't experienced any lag but I don't run photoshop.

Try this for calibration problems:

Reset any existing calibration in Tablet PC settings.

Press Win key, type "Run"

Copy and paste the following into the Run window:

tabcal lincal novalidate XGridPts=10,60,110,360,660,960,1260,1560,1860,1910 YGridPts=10,60,170,330,490,650,810,970,1020,1070

Run the command, allow permissions, go through the calibration. This makes for near perfect pen accuracy, but it's never going to be perfect. Corners will still be messed up, but that's how it works, apparently. More X and Y points can be added to the lists for even more precision. Each number just corresponds to the X or Y coordinate of a pixel on the screen.

I think that command is wrong. this website show the proper way

Helpful Hints and Tips - Page 6