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Stylus sony


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Hi all,
Thanks for this wonderful forum,
I have bought a stylus Sony
(Digitalizer stylus model VGP-STD2) for using on tablet surface pro 4,

The stylus working good but not correctly with the tactil keyboard.
Sometime the stylus write repetition letter.
Like this : "heello" or "hhello"
I have tried with visual keyboard too and it is the same.

I'll try tomorrow with the keybord of windows 10-1703
And i'll tell you more,

Does someone jave this problem?




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Hi all,
I'm using the "Hp Pen(1MR94AA) ".
It's a very successful product.
I can't assign different tasks to two keys on the product alone, can you help me with this?

HP Pen has a program (HP pen Control) but how to connect with SP4 I couldn't figure it out, I installed a program, but it couldn't connect.

hp pen link;
(Direct executable link removed by moderator. Please communicate by other means, such as PM or email.)

hp pen control program link;
HP Notebook PCs - Configuring the HP Pen Using HP Pen Control Software (Windows 10) | HP® Customer Support