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Pen and Keyboard for Surface Pro Question


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Hi All,

I'm using the Surface Pro with type cover and I have a few issues that I'd like to solve.

1: Is a way to manually calibrate the pen? As in, type in numbers that say "I want the writing point to be 3 mm to the right of where you feel the touch"? No matter how many times I calibrate, I can't get the pen to write where I want. I think it's because I hold my pens very slanted and unlike a real pen, where the ink comes only from the tip, the Pro pen writes at the point of contact. Therefore, I expect to see writing at the point of the pen whereas it's actually a little bit back toward the direction of my hand. Most of the time it doesn't bother me but it makes dotting i's, crossing, t's and drawing plus signs a huge pain.

2: Is there anyway to save a backup of the calibration file? The way I have it is adequate but I'd like to improve it. However, I'm afraid that if I overwrite the calibration I'll screw it up and won't even get my adequate settings back.

3: A few times per day, when I click the right click button on my touch cover, the computer reads it as a left click. For example, to open this page in a new window, I right clicked it in IE10 to bring up the context menu, but instead it brought be directly to this page in the same window without asking. Anyone know how to fix this, or is this probably a hardware issue?

Thanks for any help!
There is a register setting on the forum, not sure where it is. you will need to search for it.
There is a register setting on the forum, not sure where it is. you will need to search for it.

Sorry for my confusion, but huh? Did you accidentally reply to the wrong thread? I'm not seeing a connection between the OP and the reply :)
I think what tonyz3 meant was there is a registry hack into the windows log to change the specific setting to the pen you want. You will have to search for the thread in this forum.