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Text to Speech Still Included in Windows 10 / Office 2013


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The Microsoft Text to Speech functionality has been included in Windows 10 Build 9926. Some necessary components were broken for most users with previous Technical Preview builds).

Microsoft Text to Speech allows your computer or tablet to read selected text orally.

If you run Office 2013 or Office 365, (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) you may add Text to Speech to the Quick Access Toolbar:
1) Choose application Options
2) Select Quick Access Toolbar
3) Choose to show commands Not in the Ribbon
4) Choose Speak and move the item to the list on the right.

In Windows 10, press WindowsKey + R for the Run command, and type "Control Panel". Search within the Control Panel for "Speech".

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Thanks, I just added that speech button to the Quick Access bar.
I used text to speech in Win8 from IE, but I can't figure out now how I did it but I recall I had to select all the text on each web page but I didn't copy it into a MS Office app, I got it to read text aloud from IE.
Every 2 years I have to do an online risk management course and they usually have a narrator and some videos. This year it was just text I had to read. A 4 hour course of just text to read. Ugh! Having Microsoft Zira reading it to help was a life saver.