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the dock is the main argument

i think the sp3 may be the most elegant electronic device atm, but i am a student and i have no real money, so i am absolutely fine with watching reviews and unboxings on youtube and imagining that, when i finish medschool next year and earn a bit of money, i will just wait for the sp4 and it should be just as awesome as the recent model.

BUT: the dock could be the argument for me to see my bank guy and get an sp3 credit right now. if:

1) there will be a built in gpu or a thunderbolt, because lets be honest, if i buy that thing, it should replace not only a tablet and laptop, but i want it to be on my desktop, and i want to play.


2) i want it to be a bluetooth streaming station for a speaker system, that means that when i drink my coffee in the kitchen or read my newspaper (on the sp3) in bed, i want to listen to music on the speakers on my desk.


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Well, I don't see Why all that is not possible.

First of all. Do not buy Surface docking station. Buy a universal one like this example:


http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...s2&tag=pccounselor-20&linkId=ZV46YQUZXC7PVWSL (HDMI version)

This is a better investment because you can use it with SP3 and any other device that you may buy in the future.

About the BT. You always have the option to turn off the integrated and use a BT USB adapter connected in your universal docking station.
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