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Convince me that the Dock is worth the money

If youre going to use all the ports, I think its worth the price. Sure its still more expensive than buying adapters separately, but the price difference isn't that huge anymore. To replicate all ports of the docking station, you would need to add these items to your shopping cart: Wall charger $50, 7-port USB3 hub, $30, USB soundcard, $50, DP cable, $10. They total to about $140, just about $30 difference from the docking station which is obviously more convenient and looks a LOT neater and better in use.

However, if youre not going to use all the ports, I would recommend to just buy those products separately based on what you need.
You can get cheaper ones (around $9 or $10), by I was swayed by the claim of 4K capability, not that I have a 4K monitor, but ? someday.
Should the below $7 adaptor work ok with the SP3 or the docking stand?

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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® Adapter w/ Audio Support - White
Product No: 5311

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I say don't buy the dock because you shouldn't need convincing. You will either have the use case to need/want one or not.
It took a YouTube video about the docking station for me to realize that the dock slides apart. No wonder I had a loose connection........