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The laptop/tablet hybrid will never work

Is this guy a tech writer? This seems like a very short sighted article - this is the beginning of the lifetime of a tablet / laptop device. The beauty of Windows 8 is that it allows the possibility; which is why all of a sudden we're seeing things like the Surface, Asus Taichi, Lenovo Yoga, etc. popping up in the marketplace. As the hardware for this kind of thing is in its infancy, calling it a Myth is pretty misguided.

I think his description of the Surface RT as a tablet that does laptoppie things and the Surface Pro as a Laptop that does Tablety things is a pretty good take. But it's the software that makes the hardware possible.

Honestly, something like the 11" Asus Taichi is my dream form factor, albeit in a a much slimmer, lighter package. But windows 8 makes it all possible, and it was just released a few short months ago.
Well I beg to differ with many (probably most) of the points presented. This is another piece that is either misinformed or biased. At a minimum it is presenting opinion as news or fact.

Simple use of Windows 8 first and foremost and Surface RT (and Surface Pro when available) shows that the desktop is not out of place and has a purpose as do most of the design features and even concessions. Please, please, please critics, spend some time with the very things you are talking about instead of echoing what you have read from other bloggers/news sites/reviewers. If you don't you just come off sounding dumb to those who have and are perpetuating bad info to those who haven't used Windows 8 or Surface yet.