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The update is here (UK)!


Not seeing the update here, London UK, with a surface bought end of December so with an OK firmware. (yeah I know, I bought it a week before the upgrade, but this machine seems solid as a rock so am happy to keep it :) )


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Ok screw me. I still have a signitivcant battery drain too. About 5 hours on medium usage. I think the runtime has increased, but its still far from the "old" one.
You sure you haven't installed any background software since then? Like dropbox for example...
Those are known for significantly reducing the battery time.
Is the brightness like in past too?


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For those of you that that have seen and installed this update did you have failed or successful December firmware updates?
I'd like to take this a step further if I may because I'm wondering if this firmware is working good on the newer units than it is on the units with the botched firmware issues. Not necessarily working better but since Microsoft was 3-4 days late getting this out then there is a good chance that it isn't totally complete as CreativeLemming has suggested.

For me:

New Unit (after botched firmware)
Got the new firmware
No Problems


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Hahaha I don't see the update yet, the only update I have is for "Microsoft Camera Codec Pack" and it fails to install every time.

Stay classy Microsoft.
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