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The way transferring digital copy from Blu-ray Combo to a Microsoft Surface RT


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Digital Copy is a special product, bundled with your recent DVD or Blu-ray purchase, which provides you with a digital version of the movie. If you are a Surface user, you may also want to stream the Blu-ray digital copy file to Surface, in order to make full use of the movie. But, you should know the digital copy is DRM protected, and you need strip this kind of protection first before transfer.

How to remove DRM protection from Blu-ray digital copy?

Actually, what we need is just a professional DRM removal (Mac Version). Such an application could easily help us doing it. You may free trial Pavtube ChewTune here and follow the guide to convert Blu-ray digital copy for Microsoft Surface.

Note: You need to transfer the digital movie to your computer in advance, if the movie can be played well on your computer, then it can be handled by ChewTune.

The following is a short guide transferring movies from Digital Copy disc to computer.

1. Insert the Digital Copy disc into your computer’s DVD drive.

2. Wait for the DVD icon to appear on your computer. Do double-click and it will take you to the digital copy interface. Here’s a thumbnail from Digital Copy X-MEN FIRST CLASS.


3. Decide whether to transfer Digital Copy to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Note that it requires iTunes 9 or Windows Media® Player 11 and later version to download digital copy movies to PC. Here I choose Windows Media Player.


4. Put in the unique Digital Copy redemption/registration code, which you will find on an insert inside of your Blu-ray™/DVD packaging. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the Digital Copy code to be verified.


5. Choose source movie and target folder to transfer Digital Copy to. Then start syncing movies from Digital Copy to computer.


It usually takes less than 5 minutes to download a Digital Copy movie to hard drive.


After Digital Copy transfer completed, the movie can be played instantly with Windows Media Player.



How to transcode Blu-ray digital copy to Microsoft Surface?

Step 1. Run the digital copy to Surface converter, load your digital file into this program.

Step 2. Select Surface RT preset as output. You can easily find it in “Windows” category.


By clicking on “Settings”, you are allowed to customize the profile, you can modify bitrate, framrate, sample rate, resolution and more.

Step 3. Start converting Blu-ray digital copy to Surface RT.

The process will take some time, wait patiently. Once it’s done, transfer the converted video file to Surface RT.

After everyingthing is done, just enjoy watching digital copy movies on Surface RT.
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