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Thin/No Bezel Design Rumours


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That's why it's supposed to have virtual bezels instead of hardware. Full screen in laptop mode and virtual bezels in tablet mode.

I couldn't care less about virtualised bezzles. I want real bezels. Or is my screen going to start jumping in size every time I wobble the keyboard? It's hard enough as it is keeping win 10 in desktop or tablet mode when the type cover is attached. Move your legs a bit and the thing thinks you've removed or folded back the keyboard.

I'll reserve judgement but so far as I'm concerned right now it's form over function. Hence the Apple comment. Maybe it'll come with a camera bulge as well now that apple has made it acceptable.

Not to mention me using it as a tablet doesn't mean I'm using it for different things than as a laptop. So now I would just have to get used to an ever changing screen size? Lame if you ask me.


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Wow the video is very impressive indeed! I hope they do come out with something fresh... though of course, any 'big' upgrades will probably be reserved for the Surface Pro 5.


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I was looking forward to this on the 3 when they announced North Cape, but hopefully they figured it out for production on the SP4. That would be killer!


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Bezel is thinner - True. This increases the screen real estate of the SP4 over the SP3. However, virtual re-sizing that many of us read about (rumor) is false. At least I didn't see this demonstrated at the launch but kept looking for it. Maybe it will be in the 4s, LOL.