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Thinking about pulling the trigger

So, I'm looking for a replacement to my current laptop. The wife and I use a laptop and a desktop computer in our home. Currently, the Desktop computer serves as our main computer and has a 500 GB hard drive. The laptop we use for surfing, a little Microsoft Word work and for importing our pictures from our digital camera and a little movie making. We store the vast majority or our pictures, finished movie files and music on the desktop computer.

I have the following questions as I consider pulling the trigger on the Surface RT....

Can it connect through our wireless home network to the home desktop computer which is runnig windows 7 like our windows vista laptop can?

Is there any 'movie maker' app that allows one to create videos using the Windows Surface RT unit?

I appreciate all your feed back.

Thanks! - Eric-


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There is no native Movie Maker or Video Editor, but ArcSoft has a free app in the App Store called Showbiz. And yes, you should be able to access your desktop through the Home Group.


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Can it connect through our wireless home network to the home desktop computer which is runnig windows 7

Eric --

I can connect from my Surface RT to desktops running both Win7 & Win8 thru my wireless network. I have not been able to connect to the Surface RT from those systems. I think somebody explained why, but, if so, I've forgotten. That's no big deal for me, though. If I want to transfer files, I just initiate the transfer from the Surface RT.

Don't know about "movie maker" apps.

Not sure I would consider the Surface RT as a "laptop replacement," but that depends on how you use the laptop. I am waiting for the Surface Pro to be a replacement for my Ladyfriend's laptop which is her travel computer. I have already established that the RT will not fill her needs, but at least it gave me an excuse to buy one and play with it. (It has been claimed that I don't need much of an excuse for buying another computer.)

There is a good discussion of photo apps in the Surface Apps department. It is called "Photo Viewer App Please." There is some good info there.

Anything else we can help with, just ask.

Take care,


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Welcome to the forum. As has been said you can do everything but movie maker on the Surface. I'm sure an app will come out for that sooner or later though.


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You could also remote desktop into your desktop and perform your movie editing there, but with the flexibility of the Surface. Just an option if you do your movie editing at home, but do not want to be trapped to the desk.