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Thinkvision LT1423p, not quite what I was expecting...


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Got my LT1423p yesterday, but was this afternoon until I got it unwrapped and connected to my Surface Pro 2. Have to admit, so far I am somewhat underwhelmed..

There is little documentation on the unit, just sheet of pictures with safety warnings in 23 languages. There is a help file that installs when you plug the unit in with the usb cable, but it is of limited use at best. There is no diagram that I have found of the unit showing buttons and purpose for each. Figured it out, but guessing games? Really?

The unit (so far) will only run off the USB dongle that came with the screen. It shows up in the WiFi setup, but the unit doesn't seem to be able to actually run off the Surface Pro 2's Wifi.

The unit will not run off the battery when connected to the Surface Pro. Despite the fact that the battery is fully charged, it sets there and petulantly says that it can't get enough juice out of the Surface Pro to fire up the screen. Massive #FAIL

There is considerable lag with the touch on the unit wirelessly. Haven't been able to try it wired, as my Surface can't actually power the bloody thing, at some point I will get out my powered USB3 hub to see how that works, but I have the non-battery, non-touch 1421 that I have been using that can pretty much do anything with the hub.

So, to recap. It is wireless, but you have to use the only USB3 port on the computer to connect, the internal Wifi wilna do it. There is enough touch lag wirelessly to be both noticeable and irritating, and you cannot connect with the USB port without using a powered hub. Right now I am calling this a disappointment at best. Perhaps with drivers and more information showing up on the web, things will get better, but at the moment I see little advantage over the 300 buck USB only version.