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Third party applications?


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New to the surface, I do understand that since the processors are armored in the surface that it cant play full .EXE applications. Is there any sites out there that I can install games/apps that I can use on the surface and are compatible with RT. (Surface app developers have to speed it up:mad:)

I know about the app store. what I am wondering are their any other ways to get apps though other sites.
@arnorldC | At the time the store doesn't have apps that can use the full power that the surface has, and some people would want to play some actual good app besides the ones that are on the store.
RT supports limited side loading but those apps would still need to be Modern UI Apps and requires a developer license or Corporate EA, no Win32 Binaries are able to execute in the RT environment. The reason for this, Windows RT is a closed system and that makes a more harden OS less likely to me impacted by malware and code decay, which happens in traditional x86 versions of Windows because of 3rd party software venders changing core OS components (aka - dll hell). Rooting a RT device is against the EULA and thus far has not been done and I believe will prove difficult due to the TPM and UEFI BIOS as these tend to discourage 3rd party boot loaders. If you're looking for more flexibility in a Tablet, look at the x86 or even an Android that can be rooted.
No. The only way is the windows app Store.
No, as stated by Jeff, there are ways to sideload apps with a developer license, since a developer needs to test an application before submitting to the Windows Store for release. Also corporate IT departments are going to want to deploy business applications that they will not want available on the Windows Store.