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Surface2 Deal Breaker Feature - microSD slot supports up to only 2GB of extra storage



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Thanks for the clarification,
I didn't mean to disregard the spec you post, but simply I couldn't ignore what they wrote on their sites OFFICIALLY,
the Surface 2 description, spec comparison.......and that Ans Tech..........they ended up with 3 separated and clear indications telling me sth opposite.


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This might have been much overlooked by most people, but has caught my eye when I first saw the spec comparison between Surface 2 and Pro 2.

From a previous reply I pointed out my worry:

Do visit this link, see the "Tons of ports" section":

And then I tried to confirm it with a MS salesperson and here is the conversation:

2GB only, if he is not wrong. Be careful if you are getting the 32GB version and plan to use a microSDHC/XC card to get cheaper extra storage, it MAY NOT WORK.
Don't tell me MS is trying to force us to get the 64GB version simply by this method.

This has so much wrong written all over it lmao.......you can put a micro 64Gb ok, that whole 2Gb is garbage, end of story. Lol
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I just copied this from the Microsoft Surface 2 page:

Tons of Ports
Bring your entire media collection with you wherever you go. A microSD card reader lets you add up to 64 GB of extra storage. Show off everything on the big screen using the video out port . A full-size USB 3.0 port and Bluetooth 4.0 provide clutter-free connections with wireless mice and headsets.

It looks like we're still getting up to 64GB of additional storage.
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HUH, I just got a new Surface 2 and put a 32GB Micro SD Card in it and it works fine.

Here's how it works:
2GB was a limit then that changed.
Now 32GB is the new limit until THEY change it again trying to force us to upgrade everything again.

Might be you're trying an HC card and that might not work but a standard SD will do fine.


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I just got a new Surface 2 and put a 32GB Micro SD Card in it and it works fine. 2GB was the old limit now 32GB is. Might be you're trying an HC card and that might not work. Use a standard SD and it should work otherwise your system is not right.
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