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Third-party pens?


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I ordered a Surface Go 2 this afternoon to replace my Samsung Galaxy Book and I'm hoping it will arrive tomorrow. I also have a keyboard on order. However, I'm not likley to use a pen that much so the price of Microsoft's offering is rather more than I want to pay. So I started looking at third-party pens on Amazon and there are dozens of 'em, all looking very similar with apparently little to tell them apart. Has anyone tried any non-MS pens? Are they worth trying and what should I be looking for?
Thanks. I had a firm recommendation from someone on another forum so I'm going with that. Should have it by the end of the week. The Go2 arrived and I've installed my usual standard set of software so it's ready to go. It's not hugely better than the Galaxy Book but 8/128 makes life a lot easier than 4/64.