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just like in topic - i have a bamboo pen and ive been trying to make it work on my surface 3 with windows 10 but it isnt responsive. i read around the topic and the general consensus is that third party pens should work.

ive tried to download some wacom bamboo drivers but at the end of the installation it says that a tablet hasnt been found.

any ideas?


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so what's the cheapest sort of pen i could buy for it? i'm only interested in taking handwritten notes and maybe playing around in photoshop (but i'm not a professional.)


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It has to be an active pen. I believe there is a HTC pen that works and someone posted so.e Chinese rip offs a while back.

When you say "only interested" that's what most people do with the genuine pen... Lol. Try looking for a secondhand pro3 pen from someone who has upgraded to pro 4 version.