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This might be the very last Surface i own (and i'll return it)


I am sick of the issues...

This is my fourth SP4 i have had since January. The first one i got got bluescreens all over the place so i returned it.

The second one worked fine for a while but suddenly got bad connectivity issues. I returned it

The third one had the exact same connectivity issues, so i returned that one as well.

The fourth one, which i am actually writing this on, also has the same connectivity issues.

About the connectivity issues: The internet speed depends on the angle i have my surface in, which is stupid. It is also very unstable at all angles. Also whenever i plug in a USB 3.0 device the internet speed goes to 0. And on top of all, the internet shuts completely off every now and then. This happens on every wifi connection!

So as you might understand i am getting pretty sick and tired of returning my SP4 every week, so now i am going to return it one last time. I love the concept, but have to have something that Works.
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