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Three new Microsoft Surface tablets to launch in 2013?


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In the wake of the recent Microsoft Surface tablet release, new reports have suggested Microsoft could expand its own-branded hardware offerings next year with three new and varyingly sized Microsoft Surface tablets tipped for a 2013 release.

The latest Microsoft Surface rumours, which have appeared courtesy of Twitter tipster @MS_nerd, who has proved accurate in the past, have suggested that Microsoft is readying three new slates for next year: an 8.6-inch Microsoft Surface RT 2; a new Microsoft Surface Pro to replace the existing model; and a large Microsoft Surface Book tablet with a 14.6-inch screen.

According to the claims, the Microsoft Surface RT 2 will use a Qualcomm chipset rather than the Nvidia Tegra CPU used in the current Microsoft Surface RT. The second generation Microsoft Surface Pro will up the screen size from 10.6-inches to 11.6-inches and swap its Intel Core i5 CPU for the upcoming AMD Temash APU. The Surface Book, meanwhile, will have an Intel 22nm Haswell chip – the successor to the current Ivy Bridge range of CPUs.

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Why rush so many models to market in one year? No one will understand the differences. Just do the pro and Xbox versions and spend the rest of your time improving apps and the ecosystem.
If they want to ramp up sales you have to get the surface into places like best buy so folks can play with these things. Even without that many apps I feel the surface is the best tablet out there, although the best doesn't always win.
new surface!

New surface! When the surface was first advertised I could not wait to get my hands on one: so onto Microsoft store and ordered one funds a little tight but went for the surface 64gb. It arrives and I love it, couple days in few problems with sound etc, ok teething problems all new devices have them and Microsoft are dealing with so far still pleased .then you read Microsoft are bringing out three new surface tablets with a different engine. Ok we know the surface not doing great in the market place mostly down to only being sold on Microsoft store, but please let's give the first surface a chance with a couple of good updates and quality games ...................if not where does it leave use who believed in the surface and Microsoft and went out and brought the first surface
I'm not concerned, if you browse around the site or the web, Microsoft is committed to supporting the 1st Gen for 5 years.