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To SB or Not To SB?


I was really questioning about the SB hinge at the beginning. After I went back to BestBuy and played around with it some more, including pressured test around the hinge while closing. The dawn thing is very rigid and sturdily strong. With that said, I am a little less worry now. Dispike some HW issue I am hearing, I am starting to seriouly considering getting one. As I am pricing up the one I like, say i7/8GB/256GB is $2099 version... then at this price, it put SB to the price range of high end iMac 27" 5k at around the same price(educational price is $2099). Now, I am in delima between the two... Man, this is so hard!!!!!


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I finally dropped by Best Buy Friday and looked at the demo Surface Book they had. It was the i5 128 version, and the only one they had (demo or otherwise). There was a blue-shirt talking to a couple of ladies about the SP3 and SP4 on the other side of the display table. I tried not to listen because I was trying to focus on the SB. Nevertheless, I couldn't help overhearing to some degree. Without giving particulars, this blue-shirt meant well, but he didn't know that much. I could have helped the ladies more effectively, but maybe that's because I have an SP3. At least that was my thought at the time. Then the blue-shirt turned to me asking if he could help, and I told him I just wanted to check out the SB in person. He responded heartily that he thought the 15 hour battery life of the SB was great! I didn't correct him in front of the customers. It was obvious from his SP3, SP4 and SB comments that he hadn't spent much time using or studying these devices. I know they sell a lot of different Windows machines, which means a lot of detail to review, but they really ought to get the basics down before talking to customers.

As far as the SB goes, it is more svelte than I expected from all the photos/video I'd seen. It is really slim and light. I have to wonder what some are complaining about when they say it's heavy, thick etc. I feel the SB has just enough heft so that it won't bump around much in normal use. I noticed that you can move the clip board (while attached) back and forth if you want, but typing on it didn't cause a wobble issue for me. This base unit exhibited none of the problems I've read about on this and other forums...interesting. The clip board attached and detached without issue. I used Edge on it going to several websites, and it performed quite well. All in all, the SB is one sweet device!

Since the nearest MS Store is 2.5 hours away, I suppose I'll go back to my local Best Buy when it comes time to purchase a SB. Right now, I'm just giving things time. My SP3 is a nice machine and does mostly all that I need...but I hunger for a SB!!

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