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To Surface 3 or not to...


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I just changed from a mac book and am absulutely satisfied. Best choice ever!
I only have the hibernation bug (after deep sleep, my wifi has limited conectivity) but so i switch wifi off and on again and everything is fine (5 GHz).
I use it eg for video editing and have no temperature problems so far.
Right now i am connected to my TV and my family is watching ninja turtles from my microSD on the connected TV and me, I am surfing and rendering.

That saying something for the Surface when you can have your family watching a video being played while you do productivity work on the same computer.
My i7 256gb has worked great since I got it but to be fair when I'm done and won't need it for a little while I just shut it down because it starts up so fast it's not an issue so I haven't experienced any of the hibernation issues others have mentioned.