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i5 & i7 surface 3 , also new surface 3


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You have seen my screen name, haven't you? ;)

Seriously, my negativity is really a result of disappointment. I really like the idea of the Surface Pro. I loved my SP1. Sure, it had lackluster battery life, but it exceeded my other expectations and was problem free. I bought the 256GB SP2 with the expectation that it would be better than the SP1 - and initially it was, until the problems started. Then I was beaten down by Microsoft's abhorrent support. I certainly wasn't about to be an early adopter of the SP3 given my history, but I was hoping that MS would surprise me. Unfortunately, I think that they sacrificed too much chasing the iPad form factor.

:) I've been there myself with Apple. I bought the original Unicode iMac and it was a total disaster. I had to take a few years off from Apple products.