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To those upgrading from SP3 --> SP4, what will you do with your old one?


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That's ridiculous!.. IF I was going to upgrade (and I'm almost certainly not) I would sell on ebay or possibly gumtree (not sure if that's an international thing so if not it's like craigslist).

I have sold expensive things on ebay before, and not had a problem. it is quite nerve wracking though!

Yes I sold my brand new Surface 2 on eBay for more than it was worth in the shops... :eek: some strange people out there.

Gumtree is in the UK too, but because it's free you tend to get 'dodgy' adverts on there; it's best avoided to be honest!


I've got a SP3 i5/8GB/256 with type cover, MS dock, couple of power supplies, nice padded sleeve...thinking of selling it for a Surface Book.

i have the same SP3 and this morning bought the i5 256GB Book and half a day with it and returned it for the Sp4. i have a thread on here about it.

on topic i will keep my Sp3 around the house and i have a 4 and 6 year old and they love the Pen so it will become the house portable where my SP4 is locked with my fingerprint :)


Well I plan to upgrade, not so sure which way to go, SP4 or SB, but when I do my SP2 is probably taking a flyer off my balcony right into lake Ontario, or better onto an idiot taking his boat out for a 'sail' in frigid temperatures. Maybe I'll keep Skyrim running on it so if the guy/gal in the boat recovers it they'll at least have a portable heater. Just a thought.


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trading it in via Recycle & Rewards. because my company pays I am not allowed to sell it, but if I trade it in on an upgrade that's OK.

trying to see how much I can get on my i7/256. someone said an i5/256 fetched $400
I can always find someone who needs one, however Ive consider eBay. If you don't want the hassle, the check the Microsoft Store. They were offering a decent amount for trade. I wouldn't bother with the retailers. Their trade offers are 1/3 of the value and 1/2 of the Microsoft Store offer.