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Would you trade your SP3 for an SP4?

I upgraded from an SP3 (didn't trade it; still have it). I am much happier except for the following annoyances:

1) I have three docks and the SP4 doesn't fit just right. I am trying to get the promised spacers to fix that, but no luck to date.

2) Video driver crashes while web browsing. Comes back, however, with minor issues.

My SP3 would run hot, not come out of sleep, crash, etc. I went through five copies of hardware and never could this be solved. So far, SP4 is rock solid with none of those issues. I also like the (slightly) better screen and the new type cover is much better! (Granted, it would work on the SP3, also, so upgrade that if you'd like a better typing experience.)

I upgraded, and had the same issues with my SP3. not that infrequently it would just stay on a black screen when I tried to wake it up and the only way to get it back was hard reset by holding down the power button. Ran very hot sometimes doing almost nothing. And it would also freeze up sometimes with the only way to fix a reset.

So far none of those issues on the SP4, with the exception of some minor web crashes here and there which hopefully gets resolved. Between that and the slightly bigger and sharper screen, the improved pen experience with extra levels of pressure, being a bit thinner/lighter, Windows Hello which works great for logins, slightly improved battery, and the new type cover, a very worthy upgrade IMO. Especially since I sold my SP3 so didn't pay too much out of pocket.