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too many Apps that don't work


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I bought my daughter Surface Pro 2 - 256 for Xmas and none of the included Apps had video that worked yet when she went to the MS store the video worked fine! The Microsoft Store exchanged the computer for a brand new one and again the same problem, the video in all the Apps won't work. She has spent over 11 hours on the phone with MS Support and so far they have not been able to solve the problem.
Weak internet speeds?

dave s

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13 months later and nothing has changed. No Yidio, no quality entertainment apps. Hulu plus crashes every ten minutes with the new surface baby blue screen. uggg, I want to break this lemon over my knee and go back to normal laptops again. This 2.o is garbage. period.

dave s

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shocker, let me tell you. Msoft phone support will enrage you. Just don't even attempt it. bad for your heart. lol
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