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Torrex bittorrent client for Windows RT


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A couple of days ago I spotted a bittorrent client in the store. It's called called Torrex and is available for Windows RT. Seems to work nicely, just keep it snapped while you're downloading to avoid any issues with suspend. Seems to have a nice feature set plus some UI customization options.


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I saw another one but a different name. I didn't install it since my NAS has a utorrent client built in. Pretty nice not have my desktop on during downloads.



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I was waiting for BitTorrent app for my Surface from day one. Unfortunately Torrex didn't work for me, it was crashing when I tried to start it. Luckily I've found working alternative - Torrent RT. It even has a simple web site Torrent RT


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I have uninstalled uTorrent on my Acer S3 and exclusively used Torrex. It is not perfect as it is still in beta, but I've exchanged a few emails with the developers and they fixed a critical issue.

I find it interesting that Torrent RT has screenshots of Coursera *and* Machine learning, which is what some of us are taking.