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Toshiba USB3.0 DynaDock not compatible with Windows 8.1??


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Im loving the 8.1 updates over 8 but now my monitors are all dead. I trired searching fo an updated driver for my dynadock but none exists. Apparently, there will be none until windows 8.1 final is released. Common guys, how can you leave us in the lurch like this, or am i missing something.. Pllease Advise...



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remember this is a beta. Its not like MS dumped this on the public.....YET. But I have a similar issue with my 2 monitors and the display link driver does not work with the update. On their website display link told me to go to their forum and download the Beta they have out. got it and it works all accept for my mon 2 does support touch, only one. I can dual boot into 8.0 and touch still works in both there so I am guessing once the drive issues are worked out it will work..

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