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touch cover unresponsive sometimes


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Well I hope it is not my cover..

But occasionally after putting the surface to sleep and waking it, the touch cover will be unresponsive. I have to remove it and plug it back in to get it to work. Im not sure if this happens when I put it to sleep with the cover over the back or if it does not matter. As I said this only happens sometimes. other times it works fine and I have no problems. I seems to have noticed this after the system update earlier this month. Could this be causing it?

Anyway I say I hope it is not the cover because I originally bought a used store model from best buy for $20 cheaper, well this one had the weird mute issue so I returned it to get a new one. They made me pay the $20 for a new model even though they sold me a defective model. :yelling: Anyway this is my second one and would like to not have to contact MS to get a replacement.

Thanks in advance


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Happens all the time with my Type cover. I have to disconnect and reconnect it several times to get it running. Happens about once out of every 4-5 times resuming from sleep. Happens often if I've had the type cover "folded back" and then fold it forward for use as well---there's just very poor recognition of the changing of the state of the keyboard in my experience.