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Touch keyboard does'nt work


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Interesting but makes sense because the Intel chips don't support sleep the way the Arm chips do. Once the Intel chip is truly asleep it appears it can no longer monitor for cover opening and takes an actual key press. I have actually been wondering how the RT monitors for the change and I believe it has to do with the light sensor or a proximity sensor. Just a guess though.

Edit: It appears to be a sensor in the spine of the cover, probably the same one that detects when the cover is folded over backwards and disables the keys. I initially thought it might have an interaction with the light sensor or proximity sensor because the trigger is within 3-4mm of the screen. So if you move the cover out 3-4mm from the screen it turns on and it you close it within 3-4mm of the screen it turns off. I put the cover just short of the range and then inserted a card against the sensor to block the light. This resulted in dimming the screen but not turning it off. The cover actually has to be moved inside the range.
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