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From booting problems to touch cover sound being gone completely


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So lately I've been having issues with my Surface Pro gen 1. Especially booting problems. And last week it gave me a prompt about resetting my PC to fix issues. I decided to reset the PC while keeping my personal files.

Ever since I've done that the keystroke sounds of the touch cover all completely gone and it's annoying as hell because I was very used to them. The option for touch keyboard sound is enabled and when I use the onscreen touch keyboard I actually do hear the sounds. How can I fix this? I got all updates and I already tried a second reset.

That's the first problem. The other one are booting problems. For some reason it just never powers up instantly with just one press of the sleep/power button. When i turn the Pro off when i go to sleep and the next morning i turn it on it doesn't turn on at all until i have press the sleep/power button multiple times. Basically i press it, nothing happens, i press it again, nothing...i then wait a few seconds and pres it again and sometimes it then boots up or still nothing and i need to press it a few times more. What is causing this?