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Touch screen stopped working after latest windows update


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Hi, still no solution! They asked me to pay 800 CAD to be given a refurbished SB which would be another mistake because these kind of errors can be caused to your new refurbished device too. With that money I would buy another laptop which last after some stupid updates.
Hmm I was afraid it would be like that, very annoying, very Microsoft. Replacing it with the same without finding the problem would not be wise indeed. Maybe we have to get used to the Apple stuff after all :-( Thanks for your reply anyways.


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Did you get the released updates of Aug 21 for your Surfacebook? Any avails? The touchscreen and pen are still not working on my SB.
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Hi everyone, so I encounter a new problem on my surface book! As I explained before, the touch screen on my device stopped responding after updating my device in January 2018, and I haven't find a solution yet.

I've been keep telling everybody the whole time that it must be a bad firmware update problem, and guess what, I received a new update for Surface_Touch firmware update and the device fails updating to the new firmware.

After installing the driver, the device gets restarted but it cannot install the update and it restarts three times and goes back to windows with no success, means that the driver cannot be updated on the chip. Is anyone having the same problem? Could anybody help me find a solution for this? I think if I can install this firmware correctly the touch screen would get back to work.

BTW I see this on my device driver window:


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