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TouchPal Swipe like keyboard for Windows 8


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I installed it today than uninstalled after an hour. There are still some bugs. Some metro apps, searching from charms bar, where the TP keyboard would not pop up, just the normal keyboard. Another bug was I was trying to start a thread about it here and it did pop up but I could not type anything with it on this site., I seemed to get the best results with it in desktop apps. I liked it when it worked properly but it seemed too buggy. I had a major crash with it, doing something so I just decided to uninstall. I will definitely keep checking back and try it again in the future. Anyone else have issues with it..


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Alternative on-screen keyboard:TouchPal

I'm experimenting with TouchPal for Windows 8 and have been using their keyboard instead of the default for a few days. I've had an occasional crash when a word is misspelled, so it's a little rough around the edges but I find their layout useful and still getting the hang of the "Curve" feature, which allows you to type without lifting your finger from the screen.

It's a free download if you want to give it a go: TouchPal Keyboard, Feel the speed on your touchscreen.

If anyone knows of any other options, please post.