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Touchpal Keyboard

Was it in English. Seemed like after the download was not an option for English. That's disappointing that it didn't work.
I installed it and it did work, although figuring out how to use the Curve option took a bit of time. I don't know why the installer brings up languages other than English, but it installs English as default regardless of what you choose to start (I chose Spanish.) I feel like it needs a bit of work and I disliked the language bar showing up constantly and other assorted things that it needs to run. The regular keyboard that you can bring up was much nicer than the default though, with numbers being present without making a swap to a new keyboard and the long press for typing other characters that is present on most android keyboards now. In the end I removed it as for the most part I tend to use my attached keyboard anyways. I might reinstall it again when they update it some.
Thanks for the info. I am familiar how to change keyboards with Android. How is the setup process with Windows