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Touchscreen deadspot


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my surface pro 3 was only just diagnosed with a issue that makes typecovers not work with it. I have resorted using it as touchscreen instead. Now my touchscreen has deadspots, one being in the middle where I log in. Now I can’t log in at all, is there anything I can do to get back in to it to take the files etc.. off it?
Nope, took it to Microsoft and they said it’s a problem with the computer software and needs repairing which is the same cost of a new one basically. I just need to get all the data off at this point.
Ok, I always think that's very strange... If it's software issue, a refresh using a Surface image should fix the issue.

Anyway, with regards to your current issue. A cheap USB hub should get you going in connecting a keyboard, mouse and external hard drive, right?
My SPro3 has developed a dead "strip" about 2 inches from the left hand of the display, half-an inch wide, from top to bottom. Very annoying as it means I can't login using the on-screen keyboard (unless I change my password to use only characters on the right hand side of the keyboard) . Fortunately my Typecover is still working.