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TouchScreen Monitor.

Jay Marino

Currently using the SP3 with the docking station. Then using the minidisplay port on the back of the docking station to extend to another larger monitor. (Thus having two screens)

Is this also compatible with another touch screen monitor? Then both the device and the extended monitor would all be touch screen....

Anyone have this setup currently? or suggest a monitor to use?

Currently using a Dell S2409W (1920 x 1080)
I was just looking into this the other day for a customer. The first thing is that you need to have a touch capable monitor. There are a few available (mostly in the 17" and under range) that only require a VGA connection. They usually refer to them as point of sale monitors. A typical 17" monitor will run >$200.00.

There is a company with an as yet unreleased product that will fit under a monitor as large as (If I remember) 20" that will turn any non touch monitor into a touch screen
I'm not positive based on the description of that monitor. Some require special video cards or need to also be connected to USB for the touch. That description includes the word USB. Maybe it will work.
Most external touchscreen monitors that use HDMI also have a USB plug to enable the touch screen, it shows up as a USB HID in device manager, my Lenovo Monitor is like this....
you will need to use mini DP and a USB plug ro make touchscreen work, then you will have to set the SP3 to turn the screen off when you dock as the 3.2 screen ratio and resolution will not play nice with multi monitors and touch.