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Touchscreen sensitivity - any settings on that?


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Up front, I am a new to using Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ (with Windows 10 x64). Recently bought it.
The Surface should replace my Samsung Android Tablet. I have been using Windows on desktop for many years.
Have connected a Logitech Bluetooth mouse to the Surface Pro.

It strikes me that I need to tap on a desktop icon a couple of times to get the application launched. Or even that does not work.
Tried a few methods, like 1x tap, 2x short taps, 2x somewhat longer, nothing. Often the result is that the icon label can be changed,
i.e. similar to F2 in Explorer File Rename.

Bottomline I end up using the mouse to get something started, but that is not idea of buying a relatively expense touchscreen device.
Actually, most of the time my wife will be using the Surface Pro and she has absolutely no knowledge of computers, Windows, mouse use, etc.
Really nothing. On the Android device she taps on a button to launch her favourite places, scrolls, replies to Gmail, is a frequent Whatsapp user (smartphone)
but.. that is about it.
I left Android as too many times I hit on this that can not be done, or is way too complicated, within Android.

1. I wonder whether Surface Pro has a kind sensitivity settings.
2. Is there a way to avoid the file rename option when touching the desktop icon?
(File Rename still be available in the mouse context menu)
3. Could it be that touch screen gets less sensitive because of the mouse usage ?



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I had the same experience with the touch responsiveness, after i applied a screen protection.
Found this article and tried it. dont know if its just a placebo effect or not but I
fell that it got a bit better. I only tried changing it to 2, and so far haven been able to tell eny difference in batterylife.


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Hand creams and hand sanitizers with alcohol can change the electrochemical properties of your fingertips enough to cause this problem.