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Tracking applications for Surface Pro?


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Hello All

Quarter of May/June have been best quarter of year 2013 so far because I was gifted with Microsoft surface pro :D

Now that I have it, I don't want to lose it !. I was wondering if I can download an app or subscribe somewhere paid/free which can track my Surface's physical location at all times whenever it is on network or connected to network (not sure if it can be tracked while offline but that would be AWESOME)

Any recommendations please?

Thank You
Hi, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy you Surface Pro as much as we here enjoy ours.

You should dedicate some time from your next few days to reading through the various posts in this forum, to see what others are saying about their Surfaces, and also so you're not posting about something that was already answered not too long ago. : )

I've posted on this exact same topic a few days ago, hope it helps.