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Tracking Stolen Surface Pro



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I Placed it along with my clothes in the trunk..... we lost few bags that we placed along wid my tablet. Can't take evrything out evrything when u r eating or shopping right ??


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I dint have much expect some software's installed in it. I have changed login pwd that will not allow in any case to see my user information !!


All of us can learn from this tragedy. Software is of limited to no value. I would like to hear other ideas.


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Having to rely on tracking software that will only work when the device is connected to a network will not be an effective means to track and find your device.

As with all valuables, lock them in your trunk, if you're going to take them in your car.
Well I would go so far as to say that a tracking solution shouldn't be your Plan A, but considering the price (of Prey anyways, which is free), the Internet is jam-packed with stories of stupid thieves who steal computers, and start using them as-is! Having no idea of course that the thing has tracking software on it, and that silently in the background the machine is calling home to mommy.

So I personally don't COUNT on the tracking software to save me, but why not! :big smile:


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I'm pretty sure there are a lot of software that allows you to track the device and even more. Personally i know this app for android which allows you to basically know everything about what's happening to the pone including calls and messages. Pretty interesting, don't you think so? Also, it is able to track a location, surprise! I'm pretty sure you might find something similar for surface.
This thread is 5 years old and windows incorporates its own tracking feature.
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