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Tracking Stolen Surface Pro


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Hi ,

My surface pro was stolen from parking lot where I left it in my car for an hr. Is there a way that I can track it down ?? I would appreciate any kind of help to get back my surface !!


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I left it along with my bag of clothes in a car and other stuff... All the bags in the car were stolen. I had not installed any tracking software :(


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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there is not going to be anyway to track it since you didn't have anything installed and it would be further complicated by being wifi only. At least in phones they have a radio chip which is always pinging the towers and also a GPS to help locate them. Even then you have to enable tracking but with the Surface being wifi only the chances of locating it are even slimmer that you would have been able to find it. :(


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thank you for suggestions and concern. I did call them gave Serial #. They couldn't do much but just flag the device as stolen. They asked me to report to police which I did already and They will be contacted thru police now. I am trying if there is a way at our side !! :(


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I cannot believe people still leave electronics in cars, when they are in a store. So many things get stolen, depending on location.

Take it with you, clothes are a magnet covering a gold mine.

The first thing I do with any laptop or cell phone is install tracking software.

Sorry you had to learn this way, your auto insurance should cover some of it, if you filed a police report.


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Having to rely on tracking software that will only work when the device is connected to a network will not be an effective means to track and find your device.

As with all valuables, lock them in your trunk, if you're going to take them in your car.


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Find a big box of brussels sprouts and empty it out then use it in your car to hide electronics. Nobody steals brussels sprouts.
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