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Trash it or repair?


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I have a Surface Pro 4 i7 16gb/256gb with the flicker screen problem. It had been very intermittent, but became constant a couple months AFTER MS ended it's return/swap program. So now I'm faced with the decision of do I trash it, or spend a couple hundred $ and put in a new screen. Though it's and arduous process, I've done a lot of research and am pretty sure I can do swap the screen. A lot of good info here. https://www.most-useful.com/screen-...1273074369f32c56800ac84c1da2c06c#comment-1000
At any rate, should I change the screen, I'm considering putting in a larger SSD and a new battery I can get all the parts for about $300-350. I'm just not sure if putting another $300 into a and almost 5 year old machine is good value. Thoughts.


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If you are confident about the repair, an upgraded computer for less than $400 sounds like a very good deal.


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I thought this issue was fixed with a Firmware Update for the Surface Pro 4. Had no idea it required an entire SCREEN replacement. CRAZY!